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Basics Dos and Don’ts for Office Furniture

Basics Dos and Don’ts for Office Furniture

Furniture for the office is one of the most important considerations if you’re in a management position. These days, more and more businesses are recognizing the direct effect that comfortable, ergonomic office furniture can have on productivity in the workplace.

At Online Office Furniture, we’re here to help. Our selection of office furniture online is unmatched, and will allow you to easily browse for exactly the kinds of things your office needs. We know that this process can be daunting, especially for managers covering a large number of employees or handling these duties for the first time. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a handy little “do” and “don’t” list to guide you in the right direction.


A few tips to ensure you’re doing during your furniture shopping:

  • Focus on psychological comfort: Psychological comfort refers to things like the ability to mingle with peers, regulate room temperature, customize work areas and adjust noise levels. Whether it’s an integrated layout format or a break room designed by employees, consider ways to make your workers happier without lowering the challenges and expectations placed on them. Furniture goes a long way here.
  • Research your furniture: Do you know what kind of materials are being used in the furniture you’re buying? Do you know if the creation processes for this furniture is in line with your company’s values? Good furniture makers are glad to share their story and background, and you should be sure to do your research before buying.
  • Keep movement and wellness in mind: Whenever possible, consider employee well-being when buying furniture. Think about layouts conducive to freedom of movement and physical health. Consider things like lighting, plants and even solar shades to help he ambiance.


  • Sacrifice identity for discounts: There’s plenty of heavily discounted furniture out there, but there’s also usually a reason why it got this way. You wouldn’t hire employees at a discount, so why would you purchase items that will lower their happiness or productivity?
  • Forget to measure: A common mistake in buying workplace furniture is forgetting about simple spatial concerns. Consider employee movement, how far chairs need to move, high-traffic areas, and where groups tend to gather when measuring.
  • Jump on a trend just because it’s trendy: Office layout trends come and go, and while they might be right for your workplace, they also might not be. Don’t be obsessed with following every broad industry trend just for the sake of doing so – keep your specific office in mind.

To learn more about some basic dos and don’ts in the furniture purchasing field, or to buy office furniture today, speak to the pros at Online Office Furniture today.

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