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Effect of Office Furniture on Workplace Productivity

Effect of Office Furniture on Workplace Productivity

If you’re looking to buy office furniture as a manager or building owner, know that there are more factors at play than just cost and basic looks. At Online Office Furniture, we’re here to tell you that the furniture you buy means more to your workplace culture than you may have realized.

The way you organize and lay out an office can go an incredibly long way toward productivity and employee happiness. Many of these are subconscious factors, but they’re highly relevant nonetheless. Let’s look at a few of the most important workplace culture factors influenced heavily by office furniture.


The way furniture is positioned within the office can impact lighting – both natural and man-made. Many office managers prefer to maximize natural light, which involves not blocking windows or light entry points and leaving space for light to be shown. The way lamps and other lighting assist devices are placed can have a subconscious effect on productivity, in part because of the effect it may have on employees’ eyes.


Smart office design will help reduce or eliminate any redundancies caused by sound issues. Proper utilization of office cubicles and building walls can separate employees who may need to be on the phone more often from those who need mostly silence to perform certain precise duties.


Another primary use of cubicles is privacy, though the smart office manager prioritizes this within a generally open scheme. Wherever possible, openness is encouraged to make employees feel like part of a single team – many of our cubicles and workstations come in adjustable styles that allow varying amounts of privacy.

Overall Tone

There’s significant research supporting the fact that employees are more responsive to caring, responsive management. This is most commonly found in conscious events like praise or bonuses, but it can also be found in elements like a willingness to alter office furniture designs at employee requests – or even better, by filling a furniture-related need without even being asked. An employee might give you that little extra if they get their own input on their space in the office, and this sort of thing promotes overall team loyalty.

Want to learn more about how our furniture can help increase your productivity, or interested in making an order for office furniture? Speak to our customer service staff at Online Office Furniture today.

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