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Midcentury modern style re-emerged on the scene years ago following, and really became popular after the hit show Mad Men.  The design style is reusing elements that were key during the mid 20th century, from the mid 1940's through 1970. 

Midcentury style is unique in that it's largely driven by innovative mass-produced furniture and accents. There may be no other period that produced the same volume of household-name artists and designers as this era: George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen and dozens more. Their designs and accents drive and define the look.

Our authentic mid-century pieces really become an anchor in any space. What is great about mid-century design is that these staple pieces are amazing when incorporated into a room where mid-century is embraces and carried through all of the furnishings and accents, or when placed in a room of any design taste, the mid-century modern piece adds a lot of style. 


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  • Alan Fox