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Qualities of Common Office Chair Materials

Qualities of Common Office Chair Materials

If you’re looking at your options for office chairs online, one of the first important considerations you’ll have to make is what kind of chair material you want. At Online Office Furniture, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of office chair options, made from several different quality materials.

How can you prioritize various materials and decide which is best for you? Let’s take a look at a few of the most common chair materials out there.

Leather and Faux Leather

Leather and faux leather have numerous benefits, the first of which is the way they interact with your skin. While these materials may seem sticky, their smooth texture makes them non-scratchy and unlikely to cause skin problems.

In addition, our leather and faux leather materials are well-stuffed – this means they’ll retain the soft qualities of leather for life. Leather and faux leather area easy to clean with nothing more than a wet washcloth. Leather will require proper care to prevent cracking, but oiling is an easy way to do this.


For a breathable option that many people enjoy, mesh is a definite possibility. Mesh can be used to cover cushions, stretched over plastic frames or even used as suspension support. It’s very malleable and can provide customized support. Cleaning requires some attention to the grooves, so be sure to stay on top of this.


Fabric is likely the best feel against the skin, and there’s an endless blend of fibers and colors available here. Fabrics are highly durable, and modern stain-resistant sprays help keep them clean at all times. Fabric also comes without the risk of cracking, which is an advantage over leather.

Wood or Plastic

These surfaces will be the smoothest possible options, though they may also have sticking issues. But it’s always easy to add a cushion here, so sticking isn’t a big issue. Wood and plastic seats are not the softest options, but they can still be very comfortable as they can be contoured for your body’s curves. They help many people with proper posture, and unlike other materials, they never run the risk of losing their shape. Cleaning is simple, and these are the most durable products out there.

For more on various office chair materials, or to order office furniture online today, speak to the pros at Online Office Furniture.

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